mountain life

i live in the foothills between two large mountain ranges.  it curves and has many hills and i am higher in elevation.  we do have trees, mostly mesquite.  there are a few oaks and walnuts but larger trees become stagnant do to low water tables.  i have noticed that our trees get larger and taller than  the lower valley.   we seem to have acquired many pecan tree growers in the valley but they are set up on irragation systems.  this area has several ghost towns.  this part of the state is full of history.  this is something i want to blog about later.  the history, the mining and even the gunfights.  as i tagged i am off grid, and i have been for several years.  i want to show you some examples of normal off grid days, and very busy days, and the days when i want to scream.  i can have many of those all in a row.  the advantage is there is no one to me, well except the dogs, it does mess with them.




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