different types of off grid

some of the off grid sites i follow are having some heated debates about communal type colonies or off grid on your own, or jpining off grid villiages.  i petsonally have dpne this on my own.  “good for you,”  some might say.  however, im a fifty something women with limited skills that has succeeded in remodeling a.mobile home.  it was in very bad shape.  floors were rotted roof leaks outdated and nonfunctioning.  i did all these repairs by myself.  the inside is done for the most part.  still have one bedroom to tile but debating about moving sewing shop in there.  the space i put it in i have outgrown already.  for me it worked better this way.  it was doable over time and working atpund extreme weather conditions and i could the repairs with limited power.  one of the reasons i wanted this blog was to have a place for people to discuss these ideas.  perhaps suggestions sbout land, maybe its two families that need larget space, maybe its just an rv.  maybe you still dont know what you need yet, you just started learning about different options.  i dont think enough questions can be ask if this is your goal.  so many thinkgs to consider.  such as land classification, poa or hoa’s on those land choices, power yes or no, of is it even available.  in my case we have power lines completely surrounding us but it would take approximately 30,000.00 just to bring it down one the road about quarter of a mile to the property.  then we would have to pay to string it across the property.  is it worth it?  not to me.  solar is great and a good generator works for those cloudy days.   i remembet what power entailed in my home.  ten i remember the staggering total electric bills.  then i stop and think about how much i really use out here.  its a no brainer for me.  i use a cpuple batteties and a generator for tv sometimes in the evening but once the solar panels are complete i will have enough power for the entertainment part of my needs.


in the mean time a table lamp is enough light to blog or facebook or just broese pinterest.  you all have a great day.

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