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first must apologize for all the typos in last post, was in a hurry and failed to stop at edit.  will try to do better.  this is a fun topic.  composting toilets.  there are so many on the internet to choose from i dont know how you would ever decide which you needed.  my theory is simple and easy is better.  im probably the only person i know that has two toilets in one bathroom.   when i moved into the mobile home l wasnt sure what to do about this issue.   i like everyone else realized right away that i couldnt afford to purchase a composting toilet.  so i made one.   i took the upper part of my camp toilet, (this is the part with the bowl in it)  and i built a box the right heighth for me,   i used the space where the washer was that i thru out the back door and mounted the box in that space.   i installed the bowl on top and secured it to the box so it wouldnt move. this was done by setting the bowl on plywood drawing around the base and adding an inch around,  cut it out, if you measured right it will sit around the bowl on top of the box.  this keeps the bowl in place so no shifting.  works well to keep the sewage line from shifting too.  i cut a hole in the floor and put a metal ring in place and put sewage line thru the hole from under the mobile.  the thing about a  mobiles is they have great crawl space.  i ran the sewage line from the compost toilet ( you might need to seal that connection) thru the floor and cut it off just an inch deeper than the large storage container i would be using. ( i use large plastic bins from walmart.  get the lid too.)  i cut a hole in the lid approximately the size of the sewage line.  the sewage line goes thru the hole and there you go its a toilet.  what goes down drops into the bin.  now to help it compost i start it with a couple inches of straw in the bottom.  the bins last quite a while.  i check it monthly and thats a good time to add some peat moss or in a pinch more straw.  it helps with the breakdown inside the bin.when the bin gets heavy and about half full its time to remove it and replace the bin.   i just set aside till spring.  come spring or fall i will remove these and set aside away from the trailer and treat.   that is easy too more soil peat and straw till liquid evaporates out of the bin.  when you have a good soil looking product add worms.  i will build an inexpensive rain shelter over the bins to keep them from absorbing more rain.   make it big enough to hold the bins for a year,  then the worms have done their job and its humanure.  oh, i will give you a valuable hint.  the rubber end of a plunger is great to use as an interior cap over the drain hole in the toilet.  it stops air drafting and smell from entering the bathroom. big help. .  another hint is its easier to compost this if you have a urine separator. in my case i dont.   so that is the poop shoot.   the regular toilet in the bathroom is for liquids only and flushable with half a bucket of water when needed.  this also helps reduce the liquids in the compost toilet.  now i did do some major sewage rerouting when i moved in.  the composter goes into its own container,   the regular toilet only carries urine and kitchen sink water.  it drains thru the sewer lines and into a gray water system installed under the soil.  i have two of these with diffetent purposes.  i also separated the bathtub an bathroom sink to its own line and it drains to a recycling gray system that runs to the gardens.  to the best of my capability all of my waters are doing double duty.  even the kitchen sink and urine will help with the watering of a tree come spring.  thru the winter months i use approximately 130 gallons of water thru a week to ten days.  all is reused again for another purpose and it works great till gardening time,  but that another fun topic.

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