my pond

now this isnt your ordinary pond.  this is my version of summer water containment.  i cant afford a big water storage tank so as usual i made one.  we had a large number of cement blocks out here so i dug up an area the size i wanted the storage tank to be.  i took the ground down about 12 inches.  enough to square it out and make a flat solid bottom.  mine is about five foot by six foot.  i dry stacked a layer of cement blocks around the outer edge up on the ground surface. you will want the edges of each corner to interlock with the next side all the way around on each corner.  this is an important step.  make sure its level and locked tightly.  the rest of the blocks will stack on this layer all the way up to the heighth you want to reach, it must be level.  the interlocking of the corners help with stability.   not much of a containment if it caves in, these two steps will help prevent that.  when you are level and locked together settle soil against the outer edge of the blocks.  wetting the dirt will help it set tightly to the blocks. this is a last step, if done for the day go ahead and do it if not then wait till you are.  this will help strengthen the bottom row to help hold the rows above.  i built my pond three rows high.  then i laid in a pond liner that i purchased at a large hardware store.  i estimated this would hold approximstely 700 gallons of water.  instant water tank.  as you can see in the picture it was placed next to several of the raised bed gardens.   after the liner is laid in place and excess worked into the corners it should be a smooth sided all around the pond.  allow enough heighth on liner to lay top edge of it on the top blocks. this is the last chance to tweak the liner where you want it.  one more layer of blocks go on top of the liner edge to hold it in place.    while i was at the hardware store i picked up a swimming pool skimmer net to remove surface debris.  i also picked up a pool chlorine floater for the pool.  i wanted this water to stay clean so i picked some swimming pool chlorine pellets.  they come in different sizes.  i got the solid 3 inch pellet and whacked it on a cement block to break it up, i put one small piece in the floater (about an inch wide).  this will float with the current from the wind blowing and move it around in the water. when its empty put a new piece in the floater, last about 7 – 10 days.  just check it each time you are out skimming the water with your net. i skimmed mine daily.  im in the desert, its amazing how many stupid lizards want to take a swim or sometimes a frog (yes we have frogs but not till monsoon), or maybe just bees and flies.   this pond worked really well at least untill the pyrennes got too hot and went swimming.  she punched a hole in the liner with her nails trying to get back out.  so i tried patching buttom, but not good at it.  so back to the design board.  took the top layer of blocks off and removed the liner. this year it gets s new liner.  my fault, my repair.  in all the preparation and planning and looking all the possibilities of what could go wrong i just never thought to add a 150 lb dog to the mix, they had there own pool why did she want mine.  i decided if i was redoing the liner anyway perhaps i would make it a 1000 gallon tank.  put old liner back in. wont hurt anything to use it for extra durability.  i decided to add an extra layer of blocks to the pond heighth.  i dont recommend it higjet yhan one more layer.  the side stability gets weak if more than 4 blocks high.  the new liner will need to be a little larger in size and i will replace in the spring before gardening time. the main difference is i added stupid dog rescue into the plan.  i intend to put a plywood cover over the pond with a lift up hatch large enough to fill the water pail for the garden.  i will put some 2 by 4 supports across the pond to support the plywood.   dont forget to check the floater it cleans the water and prevents algae growth.  the small amount that is used just cleans the water but doesnt hurt the plants.  hope it works for you. its certainly cheap enough to build.


the block structure in the back is the pond.

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One Response to my pond

  1. Tamera says:

    I knew that the block structure in the back was the pond. lol That is just neater than shit. You never cease to amaze me. Put on some more pictures. OK. Thanks, Tammy

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