The gardens are the fun part of my summer.  They do grow well out here if fertilized and watered enough.  Good soil and enough depth and it will produce.  This year i want some flowers.  Havent wasted my time with them till now.  Been too busy with veggies and house set up projects.  But i miss pretty flowers in a garden so this year i have set a garden aside just for that.  With the large number of bees we have it should help keep them in the gardens and not in the house.  I plant in raised beds here to make it easier to treat the soil and i would like to set up a few more.  The flower bed will run along the front of house so i just put an edger on it, want to plant several things that will come up again next year so they will need the depth.  If plants are native to your area they will grow better for you.  I also plan to put in a couple fruit trees this year. I think they will still need to be in the garden area for easy watering.  im also working on plans for a front porch awning.  Right now its tarped and has worked well but is wearing out.  It was only a temporary measure to begin with and has almost lived out its day.  But it made great summer shade and lowered the temperature in the home for the hot summer months.  I will be putting water recycle barrels in place with this awning to give additional hdlp to the gardens.  Most of our yearly water comes in the summer months in the form of monsoon.  The more catchment you have the better prepared you are for long term water needs. 


And i always need extra water for yhe chickens.

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