Weather, bees, seasons

Oh my, just had a miller flying around the light on the table.  Wonder if he is confused, doesnt he know its only feb 5th.  He must be confused like the hundred bees that swarmed the feeders today.  There seems to be a lot of small things waking up from winter around here.  And thats ok with me.  Im ready for spring.  The seasons are different here in the desert.  Just a couple cold months of winter and things wake up early.  As long as the 20 degree temps are gone we have slid into spring.  Last year my friends water lines froze and burst in february for the second month in a row.  So this warm spell may not last but all are enjoying it while its here.  On the other hand we could have slid to spring and that would thrill us desert rats.  If it has become spring it will creep up to the 70 and 80’s then into the 90′ by late may.  june is the hottest month in arizona.  We see 100 degree temperatures.  My limited understanding is that it requires so many 100 degree days combined to supply the atmosphere with humidity to build up rain for monsoon, and after those hot days we need monsoon.  Odd site watching grown ups standing outside just soaking up the rain.  Arizona gets a great deal of its water during monsoon, so we pray for long summer rains.   This is the bulk of our ground water.  We have some winter showers and snow at our elevation, and some becomes ground water in the mountains from snow peaks that are piped down to the valleys for year long water use.  Monsoon isnt a long season.   Its heavier at the start then taper a few months later.  Its a short season so a good monsoon is something we want to see.  Sometimes it is great volumns of water in a short period of time.  Often roads close due to flooding and sometimes we cant make it out on our road, or sometimes we cant make it home.  Never hurts to know your neighbors.  You might need a sleep


over.  Then by late summer we are looking towards fall.  Like everywhere, lotsa projects to finish, lotsa wood to cut and stack. Lotsa preparation for winter to return with the cold in december or january.  And the desert gets very cold. And we begin again.

The above are the dragoon mountains behind us to the west.


Mountains to the east. These are the mined mountain from the time of tomstones big hurrah.  In fact we lost a great many non replaced oak trees out here to build the buildings of tombstone. Now we are a desert of mesquite.  Very few oaks left and dissappearing more each year.

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