Very early morning.  Just sitting with the coffee.  Watching all the very fat birds feeding under the shade tree.  Im guessing we have lots of hidden nests out in our desert waiting to be filled with eggs.  The chickens are starting to lay, the pups are frisky. And im exhausted from this winter.  so ready for the spring.    We had to put down the main guard dog last week.  I cant seem to shake it off.  Loved her to pieces but she had displaced her hip which is very common with the big dogs.  Its painfull and difficult for them to walk on the other three legs due to their size.  Lost a good friend this week also and thats very hard.  As we survivers say, life goes on.  Gonna try to adjust the plans for the shed this week, gonna size it down, the original plan was to move the big generator into it and wire direct to the house but i dont see that happening now and i just need a place to stash the tools. Smaller should be easier.  Id like to get started on the green house too.  Was waiting because someone promised some patio doors that i could have but they never showed.  Work around that too.  im good at that.  Then next project will be water to the inside faucets.  Dont know much about plumbing but will learn that too i guess.  I have learned a great deal out here, but the most important thing i have learned is to only depend on me.  And boy have i learned that lesson.   I have several posts r


eady to file just short on time right now will try to do better. Have a great weekend.

Pic of the front yard and the trailer. Gotta get to that paint job.

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