Weather in spring.

Another crazy weather weekend.  Beautiful 70’s and 80’s all week and big drop on friday. Freezing temps last night and big rain, and surprise more of the same today.  Raining as we speak.  I started the root cellar last weekend and got down to about 30 inches and came to a stop this weekend and tarped the hole and dirt.  Trying to keep the hole from filling with water or washing the dirt back in till the first of the week when the weather changes back again.  the temp has lowered inside today, making heat again.  Water warming on the stove, ready for tea or dishes, which  ever comes first.   Feels like a nap kind of day.  We are all fogged in and cloudy.  The chickens have hightailed it to the coops and dogs scattered all over the living room sleeping.  Not much can be done outside on a day like this.  Dinner cooking on the stove, and the cat watching me from the back of the sofa.  Some of the early crops in the garden were seeded this week and the onions are shooting up already.  The rain filled the bird pond last night and the regulars were in for water this morning.  We have a blue scrub jay that showed up week before last, he is new to the bunch, and very pretty.  Still watching for the hummers.  Temps back to 70 and 80 again first of the week and work resumes on the cellar then.


Quick pic.

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