Chickies are laying

The new pullets are laying. Very small eggs, cute. lotsa different colors showing in the shells. Still working on the root cellar, finally hit bottom just finishing the edges. Wasnt easy hit laleache on the last foot, it a pressed ground stone in the clay and dirt, like going thru cement. But bout ready to put the interior support walls in then it all above ground. Sure got a large dirt pile though. The dogs like to lay on it because its cool. Our temps have been in the eighties this week and absolutely beautiful. Birds still coming in each day. Got a beautiful blue scrub jay couple weeks ago, its still around. They are alot bigger than the blue jay in indiana. Saw the roadrunner at the drinking pond this week he is getting very large. Hoping he does his job with the snakes again this year. We had none last year. Hoping for that again this year. I hate wrangling snakes. But with the dogs they are better off gone. Two of the three dogs i have down here have been bitten before. They survived but boy were they sick. lotsa benedryl and tlc. We give ours lard when bitten, sounds weird but seems to work. The theory is the lard setyles in the muscle tissue and helps thro off the venum before the muscle damage can be done. Wjo knows. Old tales sometime have merit, if the animal survives its worth it. Once bitten they know what to watch for and stay away from. More worried about the pup this year. She is very hyper and not real careful yet, will learn in time i guess. I have a friend that says they are grown up by three, but she has a ways to go. Was up at 6:00 this morning trying to play catch up on things im getting behind on. Then out to finish the cellar hole. Its about 6 by 10 its taken two weeks to dig by hand. Looking forward to the construction part as opposed to the digging part, think the back muscles will be happier too. When finished with the root cellar a covered wood shed will stand next to it should help with some of the clutter i keep acquiring around the compound. Worked yhe garden this week too. Lettuces and onions and turnips popping thru the ground this week thanks to the temps, and peas in the ground some potatoes and trying some tobacco this year. Still have planting to do but waiting to make sure frost is over. Have a great productive weekend. Its 36 inches down now. Yeah wasnt sure i would get there.

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