Elfrida gardens

Went thru town today and realized the little town of elfrida was having their annual garden fair.  I always say im gonna go check that out and for one reason or another i dont make it, this year i pulled in and im so glad i did.  The community gardens are sponsored by the local clinic, its probably close to a couple acres of planted garden. I dont know what happens to the surplus but they do have saturday farmers markets.  Today they had vendors set up through out the grounds. It was nice.  They had demonstrations running every half hour all day, things like how to graft tree starts, plants for sale, craft items, music, and of course the planted gardens, and food booths.  I talked to a lady that made and sold fancy soaps, i found that interesting because i just got a book about that this week, said if i needed help just call and gave me her card.  The best part was the grounds.  someone has built a large cobb oven towards the back,  multiple buildings full of seedlings and much to my surprise fenced pens holding several chickens and another with turkeys.  A lot of walkways were covered with barebone metal covers and vining plants were being taught to climb and cover these frames.  Might have to try that.  All in all a wonderful morning adventure.  As promised i shot some more pics of the gardens snd such.  Hope you enjoy.


These two plants are recovering from last year the mum took root instantly.  The other is a flowering plant.  I didnt intend to save it but it wants to produce again this year.


More progress this week, moving a little slow right now the knees arent top notch anymore.


The onions have gone crazy.  Will probably still have some next year.  The left over reds stayed in a pot outside for the winter, come spring i started to transplant to the garden and all of them had split forming two or three starter plants each. Wishing you all well with your gardens.

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