Ckickens, root cellar, and updates

The chickens have been a test this week.  Some have become very good at changing pens.  Separated a couple to make pretty babies.  It seems she didnt care for that rooster.  Found her in the other pen the next morning and she stood her ground, she is not going back,  oh well, revise the plan.  Two roosters, four hens, two each way.  Seems to have settled into place now.  Letting the eggs stack for a week to see if anybody wants to sit some eggs.  So far not a lot of brooding going on.  Things a little slow this week.  Took a couple falls and now im nursing injuries.  Thing about knees that need replaced is you never know when they will just drop you.  Slammed me into a t post on the fence, not only tore up the knee, didnt do much for the shoulder either.  But i must say the colors arriving with this bruise are quite stunning, blacks an blues yellows and greens. Oh well, not the first fall, and definately not the last.  Did get a little work done yesterday.  New plants in the ground. Everything seems to be sprouting up this week.  Got most of the root cellar boarded up inside, still working on the outside. Gonna try to finish inside tomarow.  The potatoes an onion planted so early i have gone to blooms this week with potatoes and the onions cross pollinated and i have plenty of seed pods for winter planting. Tarped several of the raised beds, the sun out here can be brutal on young plants, they seem happier now.  A lot of coyotes roaming around at night now and this week three nights in a row the deer posse passed thru.  Their numbers with the babies are about 20 now.  Very beautiful to sit and watch them graze. At least till the dogs scared them, then they were leaping everywhere.  Will post new pics of the cellar this week.  Came up with an idea for more water storage for monsoon, gonna draw that out this week.  Put in a new gate on north side and one to go on the south side yet.  The north gate is working out well but the dogs broke tbe lock already, ive got to think pyrennes, saint bernards, not just border collie.  Ill add that to the list.  Have a good week and report in your off grid news.

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