crappy week

lotsa issues this week,   got a stray dog and it stayed around.  pretty baby, young one but just unable to catch it or trap it for the shelter.  animal control was called in for help but that was unsuccessfull but she did try to help.   they darted it today but not enough trank for us to track it down last resort is to put it down, now its injured from the dart that is still in its hinny.  i guess someone is gonna come out tomarow to do the job.  i just want to be somewhere else.   we have all gotten attached to the tough little devil.  but today was tough on him and havent seen him all evening.  he may have moved on. we walked him down for three and  a half hours yesterday and another two today.  i think he said enough is enough.  dont blame him.  how sad.  he had some manners, he knew no.  but trying to socialize a pup thats been on its own is a
hard battle.  he sure did like eating twice a day though.
the garden is going crazy.   zucchini forming, broccoli is 10 inches tall, tomatoes doing well, and the last garden is catching up with the early plantings, potatoes in bloom. garlic and onions are getting very big.  im gonna need to can before i get enough jars. 
root cellar is sealed inside, still insulating outside.  got metal panels for porch roof, gonna try to start hanging those this week, weather is heating up and june will be toasty, would like to be done with awning before then. i think ill need the shade. then monsoon will follow with the summer rains in july or there abouts.
lost a hen last week not sure why.  down to two roosters an four hens.  my pretty yellow hen cant decide where she wants to live, ping pongs back and forth from one pen to the other, still havent figured out how she is doing that but she is very consistant in her travels.
finally got the bird pond relocated inside the compound.   the last time the cows passed thru one of them went thru the pond and punch a hole in the liner.  repairs made and relocated, the birds like it because its under the tree. the water stays cooler and doesnt evaporate as fast.  the dogs like it just cause they like to play in the water.  try to catch up later.  how does your garden grow?

very messy patio. everything goes somewhere that is not done yet.


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