wednesday, awning,

whoo hoo half the awning is up.  made for a warm week with nothing blocking the patio door, had to pull the backed curtains over, that helped.  at least the dogs had somewhere to get out of the heat.  friend gave me enough bags to finish the outside of the root cellar, next week maybe.  gotta get new pics again, this garden is unbelievable this year.  between heat and lack of water its usually a fight to get anything to produce but this year everything is working together and i hope i can get it thru to monsoon.  if so im gonna be very busy canning and dehydrating.  speaking of;  tried tomatoes and onions, zuchinni and bell peppers, all dried very well.  that should save some space in the root cellar come fall. 
the silly yellow hen stopped going back and forth.  now i know why, she wanted the perfect place to sit her eggs.   she has been brooding for about a week and a half now, seems very happy with her new mission in life.. and also kinda cute.  the stray pup got saved from the gun and a gentleman in town has a new housemate, it will be a rocky road for both of them but time fixes a lotta stuff.  i wish him luck.
thing settling back to normal, amazing what another dog can to to the routines.  especially a hyper young puppy. the bulk of the hummers have moved on, and even most of the migraiting birds.  still got the regulars, quail, roadrunner, doves, cow birds, cardinals sparrows thrashers, and mocking birds.
let me know what you would like to know about the america southwest desert.


made some shade for new onions and turnips and cabbage, they were suffering in too much heat.  doing great now.

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