just a wednesday


got a little bit of garden work to do today.  need to pull out the new potatoes, more to plant and get started before monsoon gets here.  i should have tomatoes soon, and broccoli, and zuchinni.  every thing is growing great, in spite of the lack of water.  the birds are nesting everywhere.  two hens are sitting eggs for the first time and roosters are just noisy.  my youngest pup got snake bit last saturday morning.  cant tell you how to treat snake bites but what we do is feed them lard as soon as you can get it down them.  its an old texas remedy that the old timers brought here long ago.  of the four that have been bit out here they have all survived with no repercutions.  katchina was very sick.  she is a border collie and our smallest dog but she is healing at the wound and moving around, granted only on three legs most of the time.  along with the lard is benadryl every four hours and baby aspirin for the pain.  keep them calm and contained and watch for respiratory shut downs in the first day.  kachina stopped breathing several times but i was with her and a little stimulation helps them draw a breath and keep breathing.  this affected her more than the bigger dogs and i had to watch her really well.  im so proud of her, just cant keep a border collie down for long, they have a natural inclanation to run and round up any thing they can.  two weeks ago i saw her back on the neighbors hill rounding up about 20 head of his cattle.  she didnt want them there so she took them over the hill, out of sight out of mind.  she loves racing my car to the neighbors house.  hope she will be able to do this again.  too early to tell how much tissue damage was done to the paw.  will know soon though.  very crazy week.   my time table just got moved up for outside completions on projects, need to have things done within the next couple weeks.  it will be a push, got a little roof repair to do to seal a leak in the hallway.  and still trying to get the rest of porch awning on.  about to finish up the root cellar and the dogs would be happy if i dont seal in the wood storage shed, they think i built them a very big dog house, crazy dogs. the cat has decided he likes it outside, cant keep him in anymore. wants to roam.  had to start shutting the gate to keep them all in the compound because of the snakes. western diamond back are what we usually have here. nasty little biters.  they dont like the compounds because of lack of protection, thats why we keep the yards cleared around the houses.  much easier to see them. thats the update for this week. everybody have a good one.


entrance to new root cellar.

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