mountain life

i live on the foothills between two large mountain ranges.  its elevated and curved with hills. yes we do have trees, mostly mesquite, some walnut and other hard woods.  the trees do tend to be a little larger than in the valley.  we also have quite a few pecan growers popping up in the valley.  that does make it hard on the water table.  we also have several ghost towns in our area of the state.  there is a great deal of history in our area not to forget the mining from years past and


gunfights.  this is a topic we will look at down the road on this blog.  as i have tagged i am off grid, and have been for several years.  im want to talk about normal days, and very busy days, and the days when i want to scream.  sometimes there are many of those in a row.  the advantage is there is no one to hear you. except the dogs.  it does mess with them. 




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